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Two TNI Helicopters Return to Air BOM Attacks at Mapenduma Today

The TNI uses chemical weapons in armed conflicts to attack residents in Nduga Papua. The world immediately urged Indonesia to stop using chemical weapons in armed conflict in Papua.

TPNPBnews: Mapenduma February 6, 2019, two TNI helicopters began carrying out bomb attacks from the air at 7:30 a.m., as the TPNPBnews crew reported via telephone this morning.

The report was forwarded to the TPNPBnews admin from the results of the Kogoya Ekianus Report Through HT to the media crew who were waiting at the place of the telephone signal in the Mapenduma area. The lack of normal telephone connection due to outreach is from the Genyam capital, from Nduga Regency.

"Two TNI helicopters from the air force returned bombs 5 times in Mapenduma village," said the TPNPBnews crew at Mapenduma, widum and loama villages, all bombed 5 times from the upper dum-dum. All in the derakma mapenduma section were shocked by the sound of a bomb explosion and had left the house, "said the TPNPBnews crew.

"The TPNPBnews crew continued" After deploying the helicopter bomb back to Timika and the direction of Genyam, he said. The TPNPBnews crew continued the message of KODAP III Commander Ndugama Egianus Kogeya, "Kogeya conveyed to the World and the entire public that, for the Nduga region, from Mapenduma Yila and Bela there was a bombing, so please pay serious attention, we have not confirmed the number of victims we will check and report" . The crew said TPNPBnews continued Egianus Kogeya's message. He also reported, Adding TNI soldiers from Wamena to Yigi District. "Then the ground forces, TNI troops from Wamena 4 cars entered in Mapenduma and at 5 in the morning to ara Yigi," he said. TNI bombings were repeated in Mapenduma. TNI BOM attacks can occur in succession in the Nduga region around Mapenduma and Yigi. From December, January and until February 2019. This chemical weapons air attack threatens the lives of civilians in Mapenduma. The use of chemical weapons was attacked via a TNI helicopter in Nduga District. This world must urge Indonesia to stop using chemical weapons in armed conflicts in Papua. Because the TNI Soldiers use standard weapons that are not capable of opposing TPNPB warriors, so that the TNI uses chemical weapons to attack airborne. The use of bomb type chemical weapons in Nduga, Indonesian and World media did not see being blindfolded, allowing the TNI to arbitrarily attack residential areas. TPNPBnews crew interview report at Mapenduma. And TPNPBnews Admin, please follow this voice recording. #Hidup_TPNPB #Save_Nduga


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