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Statement on the 59th West Papua Flag Raising Day


December 1, 2020

In the last two years, human rights organizations have noted record-high arrests of West Papuans participating in protests that condemned racism against the Indigenous Peoples, and more recently, that rejected the deceptive Special Autonomy Law (Otsus).

West Papua’s Morning Star Flag, a symbol of the people’s aspirations for self-determination, has also made its way into these protests as calls for an independence referendum grow louder for each injustice suffered by West Papuans.

The present Jokowi Administration, like those that came before, have never addressed the roots of the armed conflict in West Papua. Instead, they resorted to direct violence and repressive policies to pacify the people’s resistance arising from over half a century of resource plunder, human rights abuse, and manipulation.

The people’s right to self-determination is a right that cannot be deprived by Indonesia or any other state. The Morning Star shall remain as long as the West Papuan people continue to fight for their homeland.

We reiterate the call to immediately free all West Papuan political prisoners and to stop all attacks and harassment against West Papuans exercising their right to dissent. The Indonesian Army, as the main executor of Indonesia’s genocidal program, must also be pulled out from Indigenous communities.

We join West Papuans and supporters around the world in raising the Morning Star Flag. We invite all human rights and peace advocates to learn more about West Papua and to stand in solidarity with its people!

Papua Merdeka!


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