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Statement on the 57th Anniversary of the New York Agreement

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

August 15, 2019

Half a century after the United Nation’s sham referendum that was ridiculously called the “Act of Free Choice”, West Papua is still struggling for the basic right to self-determination. The New York Agreement between Indonesia and The Netherlands that was signed on 15th August 1962 was supposedly a stepping stone towards West Papua’s self-determination but this merely set the terms between the old and new colonial masters. It never had the intent to let Papuans decide on their own fate.

Since Indonesia took over in 1963, a significant portion of the Indigenous population has been systemically wiped out through extrajudicial killings, displacements, arbitrary arrests, and the deliberate state abandonment that is the deprivation of basic social services. The intensive deployment of Indonesian police and military troops in West Papua is the significant driver of human rights violations in the land. Recently, Indonesia's defense minister has arrogantly called for another crackdown on West Papuan freedom fighters amid the thousands of displacements and hundreds of deaths that were already caused by the series of military operations in the Nduga Regency.

This year, West Papua will be having its first official delegation in the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF). This is another milestone in West Papua’s continuing struggle to be recognized as a sovereign nation. While Indonesia, with its Imperialist allies like Australia and the US, is keen on muffling the discourse on West Papua, around the world, support groups, human rights activists, peace advocates, and even government leaders especially in the Pacific Islands are taking a stand with West Papua and exposing the realities that is happening in West Papua.

The Merdeka West Papua Support Network joins this global solidarity for West Papua as we echo the call to uphold the right to self-determination of all oppressed nations!

End Indonesian Occupation of West Papua!

Uphold the Right to Self-Determination and Liberation!

Papua Merdeka!


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