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Month of Solidarity for West Papua

Suara kecil tapi kalau pakai toa jadi besar.

Aksi kecil tapi kalau bersama solidaritas jadi besar.

Ayo kampanye bersama solidaritas.

Agar solidaritas internasional bantu menyuarakan kejahatan nkri seperti pelanggaran ham, pembungkaman ruang demokrasi, kriminalisasi aktivis kemanusiaan, pengrusakan lingkungan dll di Tanah Papua.

Small voices, but when used, become powerful.

Small actions, but when done together, become powerful.

Let's campaign together in solidarity.

Such that international solidarity helps in voicing the crimes of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia such as human rights violations, silencing of democratic spaces, criminalization of activists, destruction of the environment, among others, in the Land of Papua.

December 1st is the Global Flag Raising Day for West Papua. This day marks the first time the Morning Star Flag (Bintang Kejora) was officially flown as West Papua’s national flag in 1961. Today, we are kicking off a month-long show of international solidarity for West Papua and its continuing struggle for self-determination.


  • Post your statements, photos, videos, art, or other multimedia materials featuring the Morning Star Flag on social media. You may also send your materials to

  • Organize discussions and solidarity actions in your area. Call attention to the conflict and human rights issues in West Papua and help gather support.

  • Connect with us on social media and share advocacy materials and news updates on West Papua. Follow Merdeka West Papua Support Network , ILPS Commission 10 , and Int'l Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self Determination & Liberation


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