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End the Occupation! Free West Papua Now! 

On May 01, 1963, the administrative power of West Papua was formally transferred from the Netherlands to the Indonesian government. However, West Papuans continued to assert their freedom as distinct peoples and their right to self-determination. The assertion of the West Papuans to their right to self-determination was met with fierce opposition by the Indonesian government through intensified military operations, harassment and abuse of West Papuans. 

As we commemorate the 61st anniversary of Indonesia’s occupation of West Papua on May 01, we bear witness to the increasing violence, racism, and oppression by the Indonesian government and their state security forces against the peoples of Papua. 

Almost half a year into 2024, the human rights record of the Indonesian government continues to be ridden with blood-- a long list of illegal arrests, overkill dispersals, kidnapping, torture, and murder.

In March of 2024, videos of a young West Papuan man being beaten and cut inside a water-filled drum made rounds online. This incident has since sparked protests in West Papua, and Indonesian city centers, some of which were met violently by Indonesian police. 

The Indonesian government's barbaric and militarist campaign to suppress West Papua is happening amidst the backdrop of the massive pillaging of West Papua’s ancestral lands and natural resources by imperialists and local ruling classes, companies, and corporations like Freeport, British Petroleum, and Korindo.

The tandem of foreign monopoly capitalism and fascism has barred the peoples of Papua from their right to development, peace, the right to practice their cultural values and knowledge systems, and exercise their right to self-determination.

We live in a time wherein genocidal attacks and violent occupation backed by the US and its allies are broadcasted daily. The terrorism sown by the Indonesian government against the peoples of Papua is no different from the terrorism sown by Israel against Palestine. 

On the 61st Anniversary of Indonesia’s Occupation of West Papu,  the Merdeka West Papua Support Network call on all advocates of the right to self-determination, fighters for peace, and progressive people's movements to join us for a Global Day of Solidarity Action with the peoples of Papua to put an end to the ongoing genocide and occupation of Indonesia in West Papua. 


Organize solidarity forums and discussions, hold protest actions at Indonesian Embassies, take to social media by releasing statements, posters, and pictures showing support for the West Papuan cause, bring calls for a free West Papua at your local May Day/Labor Day mobilizations.

Send us photos and links of your actions, statements, and solidarity materials. Reach out to us via 


Merdeka Secretariat Support Network 


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