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Chronology: Joint Action of the Papuan Student Alliance and Indonesian People's Front for West Papua

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

New update! The comrades are already free!

Comrades, a total of around 16 student activists from the Indonesian People's Front for West Papua (FRI-WP) and the Papuan Student Community (KMP) of Ternate City, who were arrested and harrassed by the Ternate City Police, have now been released.

Fai, who was previously referred to at Bhayangkara Hospital, also came out with comrades at around 19:30. The comrades have now secured themselves at their respective homes.

Prior to this, the demonstrators were repressed and arrested by the police this afternoon around 16:00 in front of Ternate's Traditional Barito Market, on August 15, 2019.

The mass action aimed to commemorate the 56th anniversary of the New York Agreement with the call, "The United States Must Be Responsible for the Colonialism in West Papua".

Meanwhile, there were two Papuan comrades from the action whose whereabouts are still unknown. If there are friends who have information, please share.

Please spread! Emergency of Democracy


Ternate, August 15, 2019.


Complete Chronology

Thursday, August 15, 2019. A peaceful demonstration by the Papuan Student Alliance (AMP) and the Indonesian People's Front for West Papua (FRI-WP).

The protest began peacefully at around 8:30 am by the side of BANK BCA (Kahuripan Road).The action came to a total of 43 people.

The mass action was interrupted and immediately repressed by ORMAS and intelligence dressed in civilian clothing. The demonstrators were mocked with curse words, beaten with helmets, stoned, and kicked, while the police did not intervene and allowed the demonstrators to be harassed repeatedly by members of ultra-nationalists organizations and intelligence, such that several demonstrators who were hit by the stones thrown suffered very serious injuries.

The mass action period was headed towards the Malang City Square (Raya Malang Road - Gempol). There were 9 demonstrators who were seriously injured and as for the rest, almost all also suffered injuries as a result of the repression. Each of the demonstrators acted immediately on self-defense with counter-attacks causing one of the unidentified groups to be injured.

Thereafter, the army (TNI) and national police (POLRI) increased - 2 Dalmas cars, 2 cars, 3 police motorbikes, and several other police cars.

The action retreated back to its starting point at Kahuripan Road and gave political speeches, however, there were still several contentions between the police and the demonstrators, as police has committed acts of omission by allowing the ORMAS repression.

09:29 am. The mass action received information that 13 of their comrades were arrested and harassed by the police on their way to the assembly point of the peaceful action. Among the 13 that were detained, there were 2 individuals who were seriously injured and the rest sustained minor injuries.

The program resumed at 09:37 and demanded that the police release the detained comrades. During the speech, there was suddenly a TNI Dalmas Car that drove so fast from behind the action that it almost crashed into the demonstrators who were sitting and listening to the speech.

The speeches went on for 30-40 minutes then the Legal Aid, RICHARDANI NAWIPA S.H, Legal Aid, who advocated for the mass action, arrived. While Richardani Nawipa SH was negotiating with the police, Ormas and intelligence in plainclothes appeared from behind the mass action and were intercepted by the police.

The negotiations were not accepted by the police and five minutes later, the demonstrators were being forced into the Dalmas Police Car and at that time there was a beating of the demonstrators by the police. The demonstrators was forcibly transported and there were chilis thrown by the ORMAS at several demonstrators who were in the Dalmas Mobil.

The mass action dispersed at the Sunrise Terminal at 11:38. The total number of demonstrators were 56 people.

Victims with heavy and light wounds

  1. Pinel Gwijangge, 22 = Right side of the head busted

  2. Awi Pahabol, 22 = Right side of the head busted

  3. Lambentus Woge, 24 = Back of the ear has deep scratches

  4. Warinus Wilil, 23 = Bleeding on the head

  5. Harminus Loho, 20 = Chipped lower lip, nose, and bleeding on the head

  6. Pilatus Yusuf, 19 = Left side of the forehead fractured

  7. Alsena Gwijangge, 18 = Right ear busted

  8. Timinus Gwijangge, 21 = Back of the ear clawed; swollen eyelids

  9. Nikson penggu, 22 = Back of the head busted

  10. Yulianus Hilapok, 19 = Ruptured left temple

  11. Daniel Kadepa, 23 = Broken upper lip

  12. Jeksen, 22 = Cuts on the thumb; abrasions on the right side of the neck

  13. Melki Elopere, 17 = Deep scratches on the nose

  14. Melky Huby, 23 = Back of the head busted

  15. Anandi Gwijangge, 20 = Ruptured right temple

  16. Barto Gwijangge, 21 = Ruptured right temple

  17. Opran Gombo, 18 = Deep scratches on the left shoulder and neck

  18. Feri Takimai, 21 = Scratch on the left shin

  19. Alex Wonda, 20 = Blisters under the right knee

Those who were hit with chilis :

  1. Erince Penggu, 21 = Hit with chili on the bottom left

  2. Dani Nawipa, 24 = Hit in the eye

  3. Jekson Degei, 23 = Entered the left ear

  4. Ferry Takimai, 21 = Hit on the body and left side of the neck

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